Truck Buying at Auction – A ‘How-To’ Guide

Following on from this Lee goes on to discuss ‘Choosing a Delivery Method for your Digital Product’. I personally use My Digital Dispatch for my digital delivery but Lee covers both E-Junkie and DLGuard in this chapter. Since I haven’t got any experience with these two silent auction gift ideas products I can’t comment on how good they are. However, Lee does go into great detail explaining both systems and even includes screenshots. Although I haven’t used these two products, I do know that when selling online it is important to automate as many tasks as you can – including product delivery. In this chapter Lee explains how to automate product delivery in great detail and so overall it is a very useful chapter, containing great information, which can be easily followed and implemented.

In the final chapter Lee covers ‘Developing your Marketing Funnel Further’. In this section he suggests additional ideas to profit from the leads you have acquired from eBay. This section contains some useful tips which will allow you to generate additional revenue from your list and it is a nice conclusion to Auction Profits Unleashed. The information in this chapter isn’t groundbreaking but it is practical and easy to implement.

In conclusion, Lee has done a very good job with Auction Profits Unleashed. If you are selling on eBay and using the site only as a selling platform, then you are missing out on a lot of additional revenue. Using Lee’s ideas you can maintain your eBay sales whilst generating additional sales further down the line. The writing style is really easy to follow and the use of screenshots to explain Lee’s ideas is a great assistance too. Best of all, once set up most of Lee’s ideas run on autopilot. As an eBay seller myself Auction Profits Unleashed comes highly recommended and I give it my own personal seal of approval.


– The detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots really help. You can implement the information as you read.

– I really found myself relating to a lot of Lee’s examples which allowed me to really connect with the information in Auction Profits Unleashed.

– The level of success Lee has achieved in such a short time online goes to show just how effective his ideas are.

– I was particularly impressed with the way Lee broke down the topic of creating your own digital product. It can be a hard topic to cover but Lee has made it really easy to understand.


– I feel Lee could have been a bit more concise when covering certain topics.

– Some of the material covered (such as writing a sales letter) is quite subjective. I got the impression that it was Lee’s own opinion rather than what is actually proven to work.

– I found the section on getting started on eBay and getting some feedback very basic and didn’t learn anything new.


I already sell my own premium product at so I implement lots of the ideas Lee covers already. One thing I plan to act upon is the information in Lee’s final chapter ‘Developing your Marketing Funnel Further’. I feel it’s one area that I am not taking full advantage of currently.